Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who Are You & Who Am I?


I'm Kristine. 28 years old and getting married...

I'm sorry. It's just so weird for me to say. I always knew I'd want to someday, but never thought it would come so soon! But then I met him. Eric. My boyfriend. My love. My friend. My family. My partner in crime. And what else do you do when you find that instant connection, the obvious signs from the universe telling you that THIS is supposed to happen?

We knew from the very start that there was something very special about our relationship...we became "us" so instantly..fell in love so instantly. It is all so natural and makes sense.

So this blog is a journey of our trip to the aisle; the next steps in our relationship and beyond. I'll be sharing my inspiration on what the day will be and how I'll be doing it as low budget as possible. Eric and I have already agreed we don't like all the bells and whistles, so this will be truly unique and our own :)

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